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                2009 American International Bicycle & Parts Exhibition

                Start time: 2009-09-23

                End time: 2009-09-25

                Host city: United States

                Venue: Sands Expo Center Las Vegas

                Contact: Chenshu Ning

                Tel: 0592-3113627 13950124858

                2009 American International Bicycle & Parts Exhibition

                Time】 【Exhibition 23-25 September 2009

                [Venue] Sands Expo Center Las Vegas


                Off-road vehicles, mountain biking, sports car, stroller, BMX trucks, cars, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, all kinds of bicycle parts and cycling tourism, supporting the movement clothing, luggage, tools and other products, related ancillary items (helmets, locks, etc.), sports clothing, safety warning products.

                Exhibition introduction

                American International Bicycle & Parts Exhibition (INTERBIKE) brand more than 1,000 exhibitors, buyers audience of over 23,000, the international bicycle industry leading brands and innovative products leading exhibition platform. INTERBIKE opening in September of each year, beginning with a two-day OutDoor Demo (venue for the world's leading outdoor sports bike city Bootleg Canyon), followed by a three-day exhibition, product launches, seminars, conferences and celebrations (venue Las Vegas Interbike international bicycle exhibition Center). INTERBIKE is widely recognized as one of the "world's three major Bicycle Show," it is the most attractive bike exhibitions, attracting bicycle industry from around the world come to visit. In 2007 a net exhibition area of 31,300 square meters, not including the display size in a variety of activities and exhibition organized by non-profit organizations, international brands more than 1000 exhibitors, visit the exhibition industry professionals who bring 23,000 people, including trade buyers accounted for 11,000 people, compared with the previous year, an increase of 7%. Buyers, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers from the United States and other countries and so on. International influence Interbike exhibition of large, highly professional, is China's bicycle into a car, parts and accessories manufacturers directly to buyers, agents, and the best opportunity to expand the North American market.

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